ANDSTONE allows you to invest, starting from 100 €, in a selection of real estate products. Deposits are made through FIAT (EUR, USD) or Cryptocurrencies (USDC, USDT).

Registration with ANDSTONE is free and only takes a few minutes. To create your account, we ask you to provide us with your contact details (name, first name, email address, phone, ID or Passport).
Project details
Allows you to access all the information about the operations presented on the platform:
A detailed description of the operation, its stakeholders and its financial statement.
A presentation of the project: annual accounts, references, etc.
Your investment
Project details
Once you have made your selection, you can click on the "Invest" button.
We invite you first to fill in the required fields by specifying your address, nationality, country of tax residence, identification document and by providing us with your bank account or wallet. These last two are necessary for the repayment of the capital and for the payment of interest in the framework of the loan operations.
You can access the investment interface. We ask you to attach the necessary supporting documents for the validation of your investment; If you are a natural person: a valid identity document (identity card, passport, driving license, etc.), as well as a proof of address less than 3 months old; If you are a legal entity: the valid identity document of the legal representative, an extract from the trade register less than 3 months old, a copy of your certified articles of association and a shareholder declaration of which you can download a copy to print and then sign.
If you are an individual, complete a suitability test to determine whether your investment project is relevant to your savings profile.
To validate our conditions of intervention within the framework of this fundraising (intermediate information sheet);
Once validated, you will automatically receive by email an information document containing all the information about the sender, the operation and its development.
The funds are frozen until the end of the collection. At the end of the collection phase, if the minimum threshold for fundraising is reached, the funds are transferred to our work and development company. If the minimum fundraising threshold is not reached, the funds are fully reimbursed at no cost.
The products offered on the ANDSTONE platform do not generate direct costs for investors.
Investment follow-up

ANDSTONE allows investors, individuals or companies, to participate in the financing of real estate development projects (new construction).

For each project, ANDSTONE organizes a fundraising in the form of bond loans to investors:

You lend a sum of money to the company that pays you for the interest distribution, which is between 9% and 15%, for an average period of 12 months;
ANDSTONE borrows the money from investors, while mobilizing less of your own personal funds. This financing will also allow your operation to be communicated to as many as possible and thus sold more quickly.


Attractive returns, up to 15%.
A mobilization of your funds over a short period of time, on average 12 months.
An entry ticket that can be accessed in a larger number, from €100.
The housing sector presents a controlled risk or a management of redemptions free of charge provided by an intermediary.


Whether you are a French, Andorran or Spanish tax resident:
The interest you receive within the framework of a compulsory loan, issued by French and foreign issuers, called " bond coupons ", are fixed income investment products from the point of view of tax administration.
* For a private individual, these products are subject to the flat tax, or else:
-Social levies, collected at source (17.2%);
-In the income tax scale, with an income tax advance (12.8%), drawn at source, non-releasing.
This deposit is automatically extracted and refunded in the form of a tax credit on the precompleted income tax return (box 2CK).
However, until November 30 of the year of investment (N), you may request to have this advance payment applied to you if your household's tax reference rent (RFR) on N-2 income is: o Less than €25,000 if you are single, divorced or widowed, or o Less than €50,000 if you are subject to a joint taxation.
This exemption request is a declaration on your honor that compromises your liability in case of a false declaration. Please contact our investment advisors if you would like to obtain a collection exemption request form.
* For a company, the interest that you receive within the framework of a mandatory bond, called "bond coupons", are fixed-income investment products from the point of view of tax administration. They are recorded as financial products and are subject to corporate income tax (IS).

If you are a Swiss tax resident:
* For a natural person, the interest you receive within the framework of a mandatory borrowing, called " bond coupons ", are income from movable capital from the point of view of the Federal Tax Administration. In your annual income tax return, you must include these coupons in your global database.
These returns are subject to a 35% withholding tax when they are received by a Swiss company. This federal tax is an advance on income tax: it is levied by the debtor, i.e. the company issuing the bond.
The 35% advance tax is reimbursed to individuals domiciled in Switzerland, provided that they regularly declare, for cantonal and municipal taxes, the income and yields subject to the advance tax, as well as the capital which produced them (reimbursement made by the cantons in principle out of cantonal taxes).
* For a company, the reimbursement is granted to legal entities having their registered office in Switzerland, provided that they regularly count the income resulting from the advance tax as income (reimbursement made by the Confederation, more precisely by the Federal Tax Administration). The conditions for reimbursement are set out in Articles 21 to 28 of the Federal Law on Advance Tax (LIA).

ANDSTONE is an investment and construction platform that allows individuals and professionals to lend in FIAT or CRYPTO, thus giving access to investment opportunities hitherto reserved for institutional investors.



On the one hand, ANDSTONE offers individuals the financing of our programs.
On the other hand, individuals are looking for a more interesting return than their A book.
A platform such as ANDSTONE makes it possible to discover these projects and invest in FIAT OR CRYPTO.
Funds are made in FIAT (EUR, USD) or CRYPTO (USDT, USDC).
The construction starts with the marketing of the company.
During the first 12 months you receive monthly the part corresponding to the percentage of profitability, at the end of the 12 months, you will receive 50% of your capital that can be invested again, and 6 months later the remaining 50%.



LEVEL 3 FROM 40,000 TO 85,000 EUROS 12 % OF YIELD
LEVEL 4 +85,000 EUROS 15 % YIELD

Once the background survey has been completed, we start the work directly. The assets are already marketed before the fund is raised, so that in the first month you start receiving interest for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, you get 50% of your investment, and the following 6 months the remaining 50%.

The money is paid at the BANK or WALLET, depending on whether you have invested in FIAT or CRYPTO.

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